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The financial industry is full of people trying to scare you into saving more and more. The truth is we don’t need millions to retire. Today, Dustin will show you how a 27 year old investor can live on $80,000 a year in retirement with only $28 a week in contributions to their IRA or Roth IRA.

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  1. S V

    5:37 The huge flaw in your argument is that the 20 year assumption (death at 87) is the AVERAGE for the populations you described. To get that average, there are a ton of people who also live much shorter AND LONGER than that. Retirement planning should NOT count on you dying by a certain age. If you are bothering to do the work of planning for retirement, you SHOULD plan for it to last you to a safer "death date" than the average; example: 100 years. Otherwise a big chunk of people you plan for will outlive their funds.

  2. S V

    5:23 It is important to not jump to possibly wrong conclusions. Do not assume that if you force yourself to work longer then you will live longer. It is far more likely that those people who retired later did so simply because they were naturally healthier to begin with. They probably didn't live longer because they worked but simply because they were part of a healthier population.

  3. The MGTOW

    You live longer if you retire at 70 but…..what sort of quality of life will you have ? We are living longer and with that, we are also living sicker in this additional amount of time. I am on the retire before 60 plan, getting put in the dirt at 75. I do not want the last 15 – 20 years of my life having my @$$ wiped by a minimum wage nursing home employee.

  4. Payton Belknap

    This math doesn't add up in my head at all. I am 24, so If I save $1500 a year, for 43 years (43 years until I am 67) that only equals $64,500…not $655,000..even if I had the 10% return on my investment, that still would only equal $70,950 saved for 43 years. Am I missing something? Someone please help..I am trying to understand how all of this works and sign up for some sort of retirement plan, but none of this makes a lick of sense to me.

  5. djhubba

    Great video… thank you for posting it. hypothetical question here.. let's say I'm going to retire at 62 in 6 years.. and let's say I'm putting in about $550-$600 a month into a 401k that has a current balance of $60k.. what can I expect to retire on (yearly) with that?

  6. Adam Caruso

    I'm 25 years old and have my entire Roth IRA (over $45K) invested in leveraged ETFs TQQQ and TMF. Using a 55%, 45% allocation respectively and rebalancing every three months. I'm absolutely convinced that this is the best long-term strategy out there. Results on my channel

  7. Argura98

    the claim retired later live longer is kind of miss leading. People with relative good heath is able to work longer then can retired later, without a good healthy body you don't last long.

  8. Ray Moreland

    I’m a little confused if you do $28 a week this is 28×52 which equals $1456/ year. So $1456 times 40 years since your 27 and your retiring at 67. 1456×40 equals $58,240 over 40 year and you stated 10% is a great profit but it’s more like 7% but we will do 10%. $58,250x.10= $5.824.00 profit. $58,240.00+$5,824.00= $64,064.00. I’m so confused how does that add up to $665,000.00 or $80,000.00 a year for 20 years???? I just wanna be able to understand so I’m aware for the future. I’m not trying to make someone wrong I just want to be able to understand this.

  9. Mychael Smith

    Just because the stock market has averaged 7% the last 100 years, there is absolutely no reason to think it will do the same the next 100 years. For all we know, it'll average 4%. There's just no way to know. There's also no way to predict future life expectancy when current 30 year olds reach their 70s. For all we know, the life expectancy could be pushing 100 years by then. When my grandfather was 20 he wasn't expected to live past 60. But we know this is wrong by today's standards. We won't know tomorrow's standards until we get there.

  10. Tamira Villasenor

    Umm, am I the only one on here who is confused? 80k times 20 years of retirement is $1.6 MILLION dollars. That would mean if your average viewer is 27, they have 38 years of $42,105 per year to save- which is insane. Did I miss something here?

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